Bringing the Elder Predator to Life Pt 2

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The Elder Predator on set between takes

Complications with the star arose quickly. On the first day of filming it became apparent that, despite their best efforts, the production team had not properly accounted for all of the factors necessary to bring the Elder Predator to life. From the cinematography down to the actor’s performance, it was clear the production had bitten off more than it could chew.

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Bringing the Elder Predator to Life, Pt. 1

If you look closely, you can see the cinematographer's soul commit suicide in the reflection of the computer screeen.

The Elder Predator on the first day of filming.

Much time was spent during pre-production working out exactly how to bring to life the film’s ostensible hero, the Elder Predator. Early concepts revolved around using the same method as used for the human cast — originally paper masks tied on with string, then later match-moved photographic cut-outs. A McFarlane Predator figure, either the original or “City Hunter” models, would then be used for wide-shots.

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Behind the Scenes: Origins

Predator: Vengeance for Wolf began its life as the first part of a fan fiction posted on the AvPGalaxy Forums by member B-Rad G on August 20th, 2008. The synopsis was as follows:

Following the events of Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, an Elder Predator is alerted to the news of the “Wolf” Predator’s death. Enraged by this information, the Elder Predator sets off for Earth to avenge the fallen warrior. Also there’s President Obama eating a bucket of KFC.

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