Behind the Scenes: Origins

Predator: Vengeance for Wolf began its life as the first part of a fan fiction posted on the AvPGalaxy Forums by member B-Rad G on August 20th, 2008. The synopsis was as follows:

Following the events of Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, an Elder Predator is alerted to the news of the “Wolf” Predator’s death. Enraged by this information, the Elder Predator sets off for Earth to avenge the fallen warrior. Also there’s President Obama eating a bucket of KFC.

The first chapter of the story, written in a pseudo-screenplay format, amounted to some two pages of text, with a promise – or threat, depending on one’s sensibilities – of a second chapter to come.

Predator 3: Vengeance for Wolf” was met with the typical reception: derision, indifference, and ultimately, sheer apathy. It amassed all of 10 responses in the remainder of 2008, all of which were posted within a day of the thread’s publication, before falling silent.

No offense,but this is Terra-Horrible


The dialogue is horrendous and totally unfunny (if it’s even meant to be funny) . Sorry bud.

-War Wager

B-Rad G himself only posted once more in the thread, asking for tips to make the next chapter better.

Give me tips to make chapther 2 better.

-B-Rad G

Well first of all you made Barack sound like some street gangster, the dialog seems to typical and straight forward like some comedy movie. And why do preds speak English when they have there own clicking language?


Four months later, in December of 2008, B-Rad G was banned. To anyone’s knowledge he never finished the story: certainly, at least, he never published any more of it.

Nobody knows what B-Rad G’s plan was for the story, or even if he had one. Many, many questions were left unanswered. The only clues as to what might happen further in the story were in the closing comments of the original post, wherein he stated that Chapter 2 would feature the survivors of AvP Requiem.

Chapther 2 is next and talks about what happen to Kelly O’Brien family and how things have been going since AVPR.

-B-Rad G

Would they meet with the Elder Predator? Would they meet with the President? What adventures would they embark upon? What was the Elder Predator planning to do on Earth? How, exactly, would he seek his vengeance?

We can but imagine.

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